The Coming Oodua Nation – The Lasting Solution.

Oodua Nation is THE MANIFEST DESTINY of the YORUBA PEOPLE. It could be delayed, but not impeded. Its attainment could be slowed, but could not and would not be frustrated. With all the anticipated challenges of building a Nation, Oodua Republic would be a beauty to behold. It would be a seminal study in a positively deployed human capacity in competence and competition for greatness. It would be a perfect example of humaneness of man, the kindness of brotherliness and the affection of sisterliness. It would be an edification of citizenship and adulation of the citizenry. Our culture shall be decontaminated. Our age-long philosophy of cosmology shall take a pride of place. Our preeminent secularism shall be re-birthed and all creeds shall live in harmony. The Yoruba Language, when revived and refined, shall be a means and way of class as well as a tastely exudation of intellect and civility.

How The Ancestors Of The Ewe People Of Ghana And Togo Separated From Their Yoruba Cousins In Nigeria.

It is said the forebears of the Ewe, Aja, Fon and Ga Adangme lives together with the Yoruba in Western Nigeria till the imperial expansion of the Oyo people which made the Ewe and related peoples in the Gbe family migrate westward and establish their own identity as we shall later see. The Ewe ancestors migrated initially from the Oyo hinterland first to Ketu also called ‘Amedzofe’, a Yoruba town now in modern Benin republic. The Yoruba had founded Ketu by the fourteenth century through Soipasan who was a progeny of Oduduwa from Ife, cradle of Yoruba civilization.

Natural ethnic fault lines of Southern Nigeria

Why Yoruba Will Leave Nigeria, Declaration of Causes – By Bayo Oluwasanmi

There’s no shortage of groups that want Nigeria to split up. Far from the contrary opinion of the Fulanis, secession is a populist option, it’s not a collection of cranky lonesome idealists. Nigeria is a phony country built on borrowed convenience. The looming secession will tear Nigeria to pieces. The pandemic, or an economic collapse, is driving the country to sauve qui peut secession – “let him save himself who can.”

New group demands autonomous Yoruba nation

A group known as The "Oodua Action Movement" (OAM), has called on President Muhammadu Buhari, to immediately begin the process for an autonomous Yoruba nation as a federating unit in Nigeria, as granted the Western Region before and after independence in 1960. The group, speaking through its Global Coordinator, Demola Edward, during a press briefing … Continue reading New group demands autonomous Yoruba nation