South West Governors

The South West Governors’ Forum has inaugurated the Board of O’dua Investment Limited.

This, according to the chairman, South West Governors Forum and Ondo State Governor, Mr Rotimi Akeredolu was the thrust of a virtual meeting held recently by the six Governors.

Who or what are the Oodua conglomerate?
The Oodua conglomerate are the largest Cooperative Organisation in Nigeria with diverse business interests across the South West Region of Nigeria and headquarters in Ibadan.
Businesses under their purview include companies engaged in Manufacturing, Packaging, Hospitality, Travels and Tours, Corporate Security and Hygiene Services , Agriculture, Real estate, Oil and Gas as well as managing credit to Cooperators in both formal and informal sectors.

Their objectives include:

  • To promote and strengthen the Cooperative Movement in the South West of Nigeria
  • Initiate and promote economic empowerment of Members at the grass roots, according to cooperative values and principles
  • Achieve and sustain superior financial returns through increasing business and economic activities.
  • Improve the quality and speed of action in all aspects of operations, professionalism and productivity of staff.
  • Evolve a dynamic corporate culture and a winning attitude among staff.
  • Create an environment of mutual respect, frankness and trust where initiative and performance are recognized and rewarded.
  • Allow market needs to determine our choice of products and services.
  • Sustain the knowledge and love of our products and services among staff.
  • Be driven by the zeal to do the right thing at the right time for customers and other stakeholders.
  • To be technologically driven in all aspects of the operations.

At the meeting presided over by Akeredolu, it was gathered that the Goveenors also deliberated on issues affecting the region.

Governors of Southwest Nigerian States

The new board is headed by Dr Olusegun Aina from Osun State while the members are Mr. Segun Olujobi (Ekiti), Dr. Tola Kasali (Lagos), Chief Bimbo Ashiru (Ogun), Chief Segun Ojo (Ondo) and Mr Seeni Adio (Oyo)

The Governors who expressed confidence in the individual capabilities of the board members, said, the choices were made after a careful consideration of their wealth of experience, integrity and deep knowledge of business environment.

The Governors charged the new board members to reposition and restructure the Organization in order to foster a robust, transparent, accountable and forward-looking tradition that will engender enviable productivity deserving of a regional heritage..

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