As calls for the emergence of The glorious republic public of Oduduwa intensifies, captures some of the most interesting and insightful comments yet, to have graced cyber space concerning this issue of utmost importance.

Excerpts Below: 

Prince Oketope Oluaseun:

“I want Nigeria to split. How big is Ghana and Togo, yet there is developments. Let Igbo go, and Yoruba go, and Hausa go, then there will be development”. 


Adejumobi Simon Tunde:

“It is high time we part ways.
I stand with Oduduwa Nation”.


Reuben Ebochue:

“Benin Kingdom may decide on her own future as things immerse. There are over 360 independent ethnic nationalities in Nigeria the British colonizer lumped into one country of strange bed fellows. Oh God let thy will be done”.


Yes sir. The great Benin Kingdom will decide her fate, like every other independent group of people presently constituting the failed state called “Nigeria”.
No ethnic nation should be coerced against their will to be a part of the agenda of others. That is the very source and reason of Nigeria’s own failure as a state today.

Oladejo Kolapo Iyanuouwa:

“Thank God!, Yoruba people have started demanding for Oodua nation. I told you before that Nigeria can not pay us, nigeria can not and will not be better for life, let us embrace Oodua as a nation. Very soon, “indigenous people of Oodua” will be launched”.


Well Said, Brother. But we are OGAFI (Oduduwa Grand Alliance for Independence) and not “Indigenous people of Odua”.

Adebayo Falomo:

“Amazing writer, this man took his time and write a mind-boggling article that I ever enjoy in my life and analyze current Nigeria. Please take your time and read it mostly the Yorubas”.

Screen Shot 2017-02-23 at 9.jpg

King Nelson:

“The only tribe who’s isn’t ready is Hausa, very lazy believe to eat from others. South South South East and South West are ready and I see it coming.”. 

Screen Shot 2017-02-23 at 9.jpg

Well Nelson, Many tribes and people that still want “One Nigeria” to continue, despite all its obvious failures have their various reasons for doing so. Some, out of sheer ignorance, some out of protection of their hegemonist interests , some, due to divided loyalties between the different distinct natural nations of what is today called “Nigeria” and some out of their fear of the unknown. Whatever the case may be – Our mission here is making sure Yorubas realize the futility in the efforts of trying to salvage an utterly dysfunctional Nigerian state.

Ayoade Adekola:

“The continued silence of the Yorubas political elites is the main stay of Nigeria as at today. But unfortunately,the hausa Fulani and the lgbos see it as been cowardly.The Yoruba masses believe in Oduduwa nation, but are waiting for their leaders. If Nigerian political elite are making true federal system unworkable, then into your tents all ethnic nations in Nigeria”.


That’s right Ayoade. But the majority of the present crop of “Yoruba leaders” are part and parcel of the present rot of the Nigerian state. You can expect them to remain mum and dumb on this issue forever. A present generation of fiercely minded independent thinking Oodua youth is arising.

Akinola M Moses:

“I support it 100%, Nnamdi Kanu should also be released and let Biafra go their way”.

Screen Shot 2017-02-23 at 11.jpg

Uzoma Ajoku:

“If Yorubas are ready to breakaway, what are they waiting for. They are the ones delaying the breakup of Nigeria”.


If by saying that, Mr Uzoma is indirectly implying that Yorubas are the ones who have the power to Nigeria’s ultimate breakup in hand… then who knows? He just might be right.

Tolublaze Akinbiyi:

“KANU is a brave man and what he’s agitating for would come to pass.I for one want Yorubas to be an entity. Nigeria don tire me. #OduduwaMustComeToPass”.


Right on the facts, Tolu.

Abiodun Alonge and Evan Van Evans:
(Two opposing views from Edo state)

Evan Van Evans: Edo state is not going with the Yoruba, the Yoruba people are professors to deceive people and to betrayed people. They don’t care about others cultures, they only care about Haw to go to school and become professors and betrayed others to still money.

Abiodun Alonge: Nah I’m Edo from owan and I proudly support oduduwa. If Nigeria is to disintegrate, the Yorubas are better off. Have you seen the projects in store for Lagos? Especially eko Atlantic city? The IGR is bigger than that of all 36 states combined. Biafra can boast of no such thing, same with the north or south south. It’s wise for us to join oduduwa.


Another exchange between Edolites below.

Screen Shot 2017-02-24 at 2.jpg


Screen Shot 2017-02-24 at 2.jpg

Like has been mentioned earlier, There is no forceful coercion in the constituent groups that makes up (or that will make up) Oduduwwa Republic. When the time comes, The Owans, The Etsakos, The Akoko Edos, The Binis and the Esan components of Edo state will decide their ultimate fate. To be part of the Oduduwa family or not.

Lawal “Jesus Jesus”:

“Enough is Enough, We Yorubas are no more have interest in vice President position that hausa and fulani always use to deceived us, our eyes has open, Oduduwa republic we become real, lets fight for it”.

Screen Shot 2017-02-23 at 11.jpg

Right on the money. What is the point of trying to delay the inevitable. Nigeria has never progressed since its inception, is not progressing in the current dispensation and WILL never progress….. These are just the plain facts.

Juwon David:

“Your account for Yoruba land is inaccurate. You left Okun land in Kogi state behind. How about that? Do they have to go with the people with different culture, language, tradition and different geographical location, fused with others by political power”?

Screen Shot 2017-02-23 at 11.jpg

Mr Juwon’s comment was made in reference to the original article, as the writer failed to make mention of Kogi state or the Okuns who are indigenous Yorubas there.
Let it be made clear, no indigenous Yoruba speaking and self recognizing areas in Kogi, Kwara or elsewhere will be left behind in he pursuit of Oduduwa freedom.


Manna King:

“I love this. This is what we are taking. Every geo-political zone should advocate for statehood and the polity Nigeria would disintegrate into nations. Isaac Adaka Boro, Ojukwu, Saro Wiwa, have sowed the seed we should water it”.

Screen Shot 2017-02-23 at 11.jpg

Spot on!.

Ahmad Musa Ibrahim:

“That has been expected a long time. It is better let everyone answer his father’s name. That is why when NPN was saying ‘one nation one destiny” Amino Kano concurred but added that everyone knows where his father’s house is”.


Even Hausas and Fulanis know the TRUTH , Eacept those who want to fool you and take you for a ride. Who then are you as an Ooduan (Man or Woman) not to support the course of our independence? Nigeria has never been a nation.

Sam Mbata:

“Its a good idea it will help alot , becus every nation will like to be d best Oduduwa people will like to make its nation d best and biafra will like to be d best and d north or whosoeva will like his nation to be a good example and it will make d leaders put their heads together. Now we dnt have leaders we only have selfish individuals who want to enrich there already full pocket”.

Screen Shot 2017-02-23 at 11.jpg

Well, what a smart Young man.

Olumuji Olaoluwa Taiwo:

A welcome development.Nigeria is a fake country.Never been a country from the start.

Screen Shot 2017-02-24 at 1.jpg

One thought on “Interesting Online Reactions towards The Increasing media Awareness on The emergence of Oduduwa Republic.

  1. Either the organizers of these like it or not, we are going with Edo State, the Urhobo’s and Isokos. What about the Olukunmi tribe in Delta state, are we leaving them behind?

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